What is R-Factoring about?

What is R-Factoring about?

When something happens that upsets us or causes us stress or worry, we try to drop the matter and stop our thoughts but we are generally unable to. Our thoughts go round and round in circles over the same things, rehashing the event, situation or interaction, which compounds the issue for us.

  • Why are we unable to let go of any such thought patterns or ways of reacting to certain situations or people?
  • Why are we unable to stop having overwhelming thoughts of fear or worry or stress that keep us from functioning at our optimum, especially when we need it the most (e.g. in a crisis)?
  • Why do the same experiences in love, fortune or state of health keep repeating themselves?
  • Why are we not mostly in a state of happiness?

The cause lies in 3 or more seed issues of fear that are deeply embedded in our psyche, which are the root cause of our continual processing of fear. They get embedded sometime in childhood and some may even be carried over from other lifetimes.

These seed issues create a grid of fear-based thoughts around us, something like a honeycomb that is filled with honey. In our case, this honey is the glue of fear to which every incoming thought sticks and is processed in the same fear-based way. R-factoring is a cutting-edge healing modality that first helps you identify these crucial seed issues. Then begins the process of dissolving these issues, the glue of fear, and replacing them with a grid of higher frequency thoughts and emotions. You are thus enabled and empowered to live life from a love-based grid, which totally transforms you, your life, your health, your relationships, your work and creativity.

R-factoring enables an extremely powerful movement and transformation in human beings within a short period of time – the gigantic shift from processing fear-based thoughts almost continually to processing thoughts that are life-affirming, happy and empowering. It is a reprogramming of who you are.

This is the enormous significance of R-Factoring. The law of attraction, which everyone has now heard of, functions very efficiently in bringing you experiences, circumstances, events, people and things that match your frequency. If it is fear-based, you are going to attract more of the same. When you switch over to love-based thoughts and emotions, you will start attracting more of what keeps you in the same frequency, and you have a life that is smoother, happier and more fulfilling.

An R-factoring workshop is a 3-day workshop.

R-factoring is not offered over Skype or phone. All sessions are in person.

For more details on R-Factoring and training to be a practitioner: http://bit.ly/2AZdKCH