Blue Body Healing

The blue body is the first energetic impression of the body before it starts to collect matter and turn into a form. Healing at this level is even higher than healing of the DNA and gene patterns.

It leads to a total renewal of the body, completely bypassing old and existing ailments. Since this is a process that needs to be repeated for spectacular results, it will also be taught to the client so that healing is continued.

The practice of the blue body healing results in amazing anti-aging benefits and is recommended for all people, including younger people to prevent the onset of aging. People have reported the healing of chronic conditions, increased strength, resilience and vibrant health, grey hair turning black and various other anti-aging effects.

⇒ Individual Sessions : Rs.2500 / USD 35

Duration : 45 minutes to 1 hour

Offered through Skype, phone (WhatsApp calls to other countries) and in person.

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