About Ochune

Ochune uses her healing and intuitive gifts to do intense healing work at the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels of the client, thus helping the client to heal themselves at a deep, profound level. She regularly travels to the US to her teachers, Julius, for further upgrading of her gifts and skills as well as for deep transformations and shifts for her own continuous raising of consciousness. All workshops/retreats and individual sessions involve the sharing of knowledge, deep energy work, personalized meditations and healing processes. Sound and music therapy, crystals and the use of high frequency elements are used to expedite positive results.

Before her search into the deeper meaning of life, Ochune worked as a German-English translator in Delhi. She led an ordinary life, but there was always a deeper sense of knowing that there had to be more to this existence on earth. In 1996, she started her search in earnest by delving into Advaita Vedanta as taught by various teachers.

From around 2000-2001, she followed a Guru for the next 12 years. In those years, she had some wonderful spiritual experiences, but she wasn’t able to use them as a catalyst for further growth. Losing confidence in herself and wondering if she was even meant to be on a spiritual path, she came across teachings that resonated so deeply that she knew she had finally found what she was looking for over 16 years. These were teachings given by a high-frequency group given the name of Julius by the husband-wife team who channelled them expandwithjulius.

The Real Coach

In the last 4 to 5 years leading up to this point, she went through extreme stress, pain and turmoil as she lived the life of a fear-based, low consciousness being. There was deceit, ignorance and limitation that ultimately led to the total collapse of her life. Even though she could see her life disintegrating, she didn’t know how to halt or reverse the events and experiences that seemed to gather a momentum of their own. When she finally decided to leave the Guru, she had separated from her husband, lost her home, cut off from her family, become estranged from her daughters who were still following the Guru and had to borrow money from an acquaintance.

Miraculously, she found a job in Manali in the Himalayan mountains and there began her own healing and self-discovery through the guidance given in the teachings by Julius. Over time, she began to work as a healer and as she implemented the teachings to take herself out of scarcity, fear and victimhood, she started sharing that knowledge with those who came to her for help.

Today, she continues to refine her process of embodying her deepest desire – that of unconditional love. It was out of this desire that she took on the name of Ochune – a name of African origin signifying love and sweet waters.

Her experiences in life have shown her that this is the answer to elevating the individual, and thereby, the collective consciousness in this world.

“Unconditional love, as I understand it, is being and holding a space of allowing and acceptance of all that is without judgment. It does not mean that you will allow another to dishonour you. It comes from knowing yourself and all others as Source.” ~ Ochune.

She is deeply grateful to all the people in her life, who played their parts beautifully so that she would finally reach for self-empowerment and leave victimhood behind.

In her early years of searching for the truth, she also became a Reiki Grandmaster, learnt advanced levels of Pranic Healing from Akshay Pranic Healing Centre in Delhi, Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression from VIMHANS, Delhi, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy [EMDR] from Cosmos Institute of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences as well as Induced After-Death Communication [IADC] from Dr. Allan L. Botkin. She has since become a certified practitioner of R-factoring, Phases I and II.