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(aka Maninder Sidhu)

Before her search into the deeper meaning of life, Ochune worked as a German-English translator in Delhi. During this time, she also worked as a volunteer at the Blind School. In 1996, she started attending classes on Advaita Vedanta held by teachers from Swami Parthasarthy’s Vedanta Academy and then spent 12 years with a Guru, whose teachings were similar to Advaita Vedanta.

In those years, she also became a Reiki Grandmaster, learnt advanced levels of Pranic Healing from Akshay Pranic Healing Centre in Delhi, Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression from VIMHANS, Delhi, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy from Cosmos Institute of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences, Delhi as well as Induced After-Death Communication (IADC) therapy from Dr. Allan L. Botkin .

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Ochune gives R-Factoring workshops in the Himalayan mountains of India, Himachal Pradesh. She is one of the first to receive the R-Factoring certification. Hidden away in the mountains for so long, she now shares her secrets. For a truly powerful workshop, go to Ochune.

Why self-empowerment?

Because what goes on within you creates your whole life. If you do not have something you want in your life, it is because there is some conscious or subconscious fear within you that prevents it from becoming a part of your life.

How to get to self-empowerment?

Through dissolving seed fears, limitations in the mind, subconscious patterns of failure and low self-worth, self-sabotaging thoughts.

How does a life coach and healing help?

By identifying core issues that are blocking your progress and manifestation, giving practical guidance for daily life to release them and using high-frequency energy to dissolve the embedded energy of subconscious fear, which is the driving force of all your actions and limiting beliefs.

How does this process give me everything I want?

Subconscious and conscious fears attract fear-based events, challenges, people and all kinds of lack in life. Eliminating these and starting to process thoughts and emotions of a higher frequency starts attracting all that you want in life – happiness, love, abundance and vibrant health.

Why can’t I quickly overcome fears on my own?

They are deeply embedded in your psyche and have become a deeply ingrained habit. You can do it on your own if you are aware of your deepest fears, it usually takes time and a great deal of self-awareness.

How do I get started?

Start with an energy healing session in which you discuss all that you wish to have or eliminate in your life. In this very first session, you will receive healing as well as practical guidance on how to move towards creating the life you want.


Workshop Beneficiaries

Hear from my clients who are one step closer to achieving the life they want…

Mini Virdi

I was a little apprehensive as it was my first healing experience but Ochune made me feel as though I met an old friend. I opened up and connected to her very easily. She helped me dig down layers of mylife and clear them one by one. She helped me overcome certain blocks and negative thoughts and the fears I was holding. After her session, I did feel a lot calmer and realised the effectiveness of a healing session. I know going forward, I will be more open to various modalities of healing. Ochune has this lovely aura to her and in her serene presence, one feels so comfortable and feels like opening up to her. The crystals helped me relax completely and post the session, I have started living in a more aware state. I would definitely recommend a session with the truly gifted Ochune.

Amrit Gill

It is a real blessing to find a guide/teacher …. someone who can answer all your questions, however trivial or important they might be. I am blessed!!! Your loving guidance has brought greater clarity and meaning into my life ….thank you ! Sharing your personal experiences n giving practical examples make the teachings you share so relatable. No words can do justice to the feeling that one gets while doing energy healing sessions with you, be it crystal healing, tonal healing or distance healing. The crystal healing sessions are soooo powerful, whereas the tonal healing is extremely soothing, removing blocks and giving clarity. Thank you for your love, support and guidance in helping me on my journey.

Nimrit Nain

I started with healing sessions with Ochune, but obviously I was going through certain issues where I needed help and guidance to see perspective and empowerment to move from the situation I was in. The immense relief I got from those healings are hard to put into words but these are life changing experiences and if you have a great guide like Ochune, you can overcome all circumstances life throws at you. Self empowerment is what she gave me and has been a constant guide in all spheres. Readily available, I have done face to face healing sessions with her and she has worked on removing my fear based thoughts and changed my energy frequency to high vibrations. I have even got guidance over phone calls as she is my life coach. I could not get a better life coach and mentor than her. And would recommend everyone to go through her healing sessions. You come out empowered and you won’t even realise how quickly things work for you. So much so that now I help others to change their energy frequency.


I’ve had just a few sessions with Ochune but they have changed me in many powerful, wonderful ways. Those who are closest to me repeatedly tell me that I have really changed. I feel much more confident and happy. Earlier, I would just let things slide, things that would worry, upset or stress me and think ‘that’s just the way it is.’ Now I know how to work my way through such situations and come out feeling empowered. I don’t have all the answers but I’m getting there and I thank her for helping me bring about all these amazing shifts in my life.

Ruby Singh

R-Factoring is like……..after a long tiring day, you step into a shower and come out clean, relaxed, refreshed. R-Factoring has empowered me to heal and change my seed issue memory of pain….guilt….remorse…etc. to love-based ones. I feel free, energized and enthusiastic every day. I am now watchful of my thoughts and try and view them from a love-based perspective. I have a wonderful, awesome, loving teacher – Ochune. Please, everyone, enroll for R-Factoring. It changes you….you love yourself, therefore, you love others and that will have a rippling effect.

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What is R-Factoring about?

When something happens that upsets us or causes us stress or worry, we try to drop the matter and stop our thoughts but we are generally unable to. Our thoughts go round and round in circles over the same things, rehashing the event, situation or interaction, which compounds the issue for us. Why are we unable to let go of any such thought patterns or ways of reacting to certain situations or...

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A healer helps others heal themselves. They don’t have magical abilities that are going to override the free will of the person seeking the healing nor do they wish to. What is honoured is the fact that everyone is on their own journey through life and consciousness. And on this journey, the free will of each person is sacrosanct. In the early days of my healing practice, this truth would often...

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Heal Fear – 2 day retreat in Chandigarh

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