Advanced Healing Of The Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul

Can be taken individually or as a set of 4

Living in a world that is predominantly fear-based, full of stress and frustration has a deep impact on us at both the conscious and subconscious level. Therefore, a deep healing of the 4 equally vital parts of your being – body, mind, spirit and soul – leads to a complete revitalization of the your state of being. Signs that a cleansing and transformation is due are aches and pains, lack of energy and/or motivation, feeling that life is a drag and stressful, anything that is making you feel less than happy or optimistic.
While all 4 sessions are recommended, each part can also be taken as a stand-alone session, though the healing will not be so thorough.


The mind is your consciousness. This session will identify what is creating a less than successful life for you and resolve those areas through discussion and high energy application.


Your body is thought actualized. It is like a finely tuned instrument that literally starts to erode under the onslaught of low frequency thoughts, plus the harmful components in food. This session will rebuild and reinforce the body at an energetic level and let that be the template to better health.


Spirit holds everything together in your body and connects it to all other energy, including all possibilities of thought. If the spirit is weakened, not supported or reinforced, the body takes longer to heal and people get stuck in limited thought patterns, leading to disease as well as a limited, unfulfilling life.


The soul is the only component of you that travels through lifetimes. When a person goes against the desires and emotions of the soul, it creates a lifetime of disruption, misalignment and decay that accelerates as time goes on. This healing initiates the process of alignment with the soul and moving away from the earlier state of chaotic living.

⇒ Individual Sessions : Rs.2500 / USD 35

Duration : 45 minutes to 1 hour

Offered through Skype, phone (WhatsApp calls to other countries) and in person.

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