Activations/Guided Meditations

Guided meditations are effective, powerful tools to improve various aspects of your life. They are self-empowering ways that actually help you move past limited ways of being or discover your hidden strengths and abilities and bring them to the surface to aid you in living a happier, more fulfilling life. Each of them holds deep healing energy processes too that enhance their effectiveness.

You will receive a recording of the meditation as a downloadable mp3 for your use in daily life. Guided meditations for aspects other than those given below can be customized for your specific desires and sent to you.

Caution : If at any time, you feel nausea, dizziness or a heavy head, please discontinue the meditation and ground yourself. Those who are sensitive to energy may have to ground themselves before starting any of these meditations.

If you are not familiar with any grounding practice: Place your bare feet on the ground and imagine golden roots from your feet going down into the earth and getting anchored there. If you can do this standing in water, it is even more powerful.

Tapping into the energy of the Himalayas

Any time you are stressed, worried, upset, sad, angry or feeling sluggish, just listen to this meditation, let all these emotions dissipate and get back into a state of renewal.

Meditation For Sleep

Sleep is an extremely important component in the daily cycle of our lives. Listen to this meditation as you lie down to sleep. Additional guidelines will be given at the start of the meditation for restorative sleep.

Meditation To Calm Your Thoughts

This meditation is for the times when you get upset by an event or interaction and your thoughts keep replaying it again and again, compounding the emotions that were evoked at that time. It is a meditation to calm your mind and get you into a peaceful state of being.

Meditation For Release of Anger and Other Harmful Emotions

If you are overwhelmed by anger, hurt, guilt, shame or the urge to hit out, this meditation helps you create a sacred space in which to experience these emotions, allowing you to release them without them impacting others around you. It turns a potentially destructive aspect within you into a peaceful, creative one.

Toning Audio

Toning is a sound made by the vocal chords that has been found to be very effective in releasing emotional pain and fear. This is a 5-minute audio that you can listen to whenever you feel stressed, sad, hurt, upset, angry etc. You can listen to it a often as you like. It is also effective in relieving physical pain. However, if the root cause of the pain which is usually emotional pain is not released or dissolved, the effects are temporary. It will bring you into a state of peace.

⇒ Each downloadable audio is Rs. 750 / USD 12

Customized guided meditations for your particular issue can also be created that will also hold healing energy, toning and appropriate affirmations to address the subconscious mind.

⇒ These will be Rs. 1000 / USD 15