I was a little apprehensive as it was my first healing experience but Ochune made me feel as though I met an old friend. I opened up and connected to her very easily. She helped me dig down layers of my life and clear them one by one. She helped me overcome certain blocks and negative thoughts and the fears I was holding. After her session, I did feel a lot calmer and realised the effectiveness of a healing session. I know going forward, I will be more open to various modalities of healing. Ochune has this lovely aura to her and in her serene presence, one feels so comfortable and feels like opening up to her. The crystals helped me relax completely and post the session, I have started living in a more aware state. I would definitely recommend a session with the truly gifted Ochune.

Mini Virdi

It is a real blessing to find a guide/teacher …. someone who can answer all your questions, however trivial or important they might be. I am blessed!!! Your loving guidance has brought greater clarity and meaning into my life ….thank you ! Sharing your personal experiences n giving practical examples make the teachings you share so relatable.
No words can do justice to the feeling that one gets while doing energy healing sessions with you, be it crystal healing, tonal healing or distance healing. The crystal healing sessions are soooo powerful, whereas the tonal healing is extremely soothing, removing blocks and giving clarity. Thank you for your love, support and guidance in helping me on my journey.

Amrit Gill

I started with healing sessions with Ochune, but obviously I was going through certain issues where I needed help and guidance to see perspective and empowerment to move from the situation I was in.

The immense relief I got from those healings are hard to put into words but these are life changing experiences and if you have a great guide like Ochune, you can overcome all circumstances life throws at you.

Self-empowerment is what she gave me and has been a constant guide in all spheres. Readily available, I have done face to face healing sessions with her and she has worked on removing my fear-based thoughts and changed my energy frequency to high vibrations. I have even got guidance over phone calls as she is my life coach.

I could not get a better life coach and mentor than her. And would recommend everyone to go through her healing sessions. You come out empowered and you won’t even realise how quickly things work for you. So much so that now I help others to change their energy frequency.

Nimrit Nain

I have known Ochune for four years now. When I first met her (more accurately spoke to her over the phone), I was in the abyss of darkness and sadness not wanting to go on ONE OTHER day and not knowing how to end it. That I met Di (yes she has become Di since) was a small miracle in itself. She not only healed me, she guided me out of the hole that I was in and I can tell you the hole was DEEP. I remember I would howl over the phone for hours (no exaggeration), I was overwhelmed with grief, crazed and incoherent, but she kept her patience (don’t know how; and mind you we had not met yet and she was not charging me by the hour; god she was charging me nothing). I do not know of one other person in the whole wide world who would do that for a stranger. I know I couldn’t. Even to do it for family, they would have to be really someone you LOVE. To be absolutely truthful I don’t know if I would be alive but for Di.

Now I only occasionally have a healing session, I have learnt how to navigate my way through issues. But I still call her for healing my pets (I have a whole bunch of old and sick animals that I care for) for toothache or infection or I get a session simply to get a boost of energy when I tire or are in the doldrums and she has always come through. And even though I have benefitted from her healing numerous times, it never fails to amaze me anew each time. Di is an amazing healer. And perhaps that is so because she is an amazing human being who makes this world a better, kinder place everyday. And does it unassumingly.

P.S. a word about myself : I am not easily impressed and I am not good with praise, both taking n giving of it

Anupama Kumar

I’ve had just a few sessions with Ochune but they have changed me in many powerful, wonderful ways. Those who are closest to me repeatedly tell me that I have really changed. I feel much more confident and happy. Earlier, I would just let things slide, things that would worry, upset or stress me and think ‘that’s just the way it is.’ Now I know how to work my way through such situations and come out feeling empowered. I don’t have all the answers but I’m getting there and I thank her for helping me bring about all these amazing shifts in my life.


I was going through a particularly hard time in my life where I had no sense of direction or hope. Through these sessions, I managed to uncover and bring to the surface my most hidden away feelings and thoughts which allowed me to realize where I wanted to be in life, both academically and personally. The healing sessions helped me to let go of the past and anything that haunted me and stopped me from growing into the best version of myself. I’m now well settled, both mentally and in the physical sense. I can’t thank you enough for giving me hope and light when I needed it the most and for guiding me to find my pathway.


I met Ochune in July 2015 whilst in India for my father’s cremation and his last religious ceremonies. I had lost faith in the divine as the immediate question ruminating in my head was “why me”. I was in a painful journey, feeling overwhelmed and always being on the edge looking for the answers and spent hours online searching for evidence on “life after death”. I came across Ochune online and quite inadvertently so. But i no longer call it a coincidence, it was meant to happen. She came home after speaking to me at length over the phone. I still remember vividly, the divine glow on her face and a beautiful beautiful smile. She gave me strong evidence of my father being around, somethings no stranger would have possibly known about my father and things he had said.

It was development of an instant and now i say everlasting relationship. She is a true, selfless guide, a mediator, a counsellor, a Guru who would do her best to help you realise your true being, the purpose of your soul in this material world. She not only helped me coming out of that excruciating pain and grief, but also my family, especially my mum who was melancholic as she had never imagined her life without my dad.

These two words : “thank you” would not be enough for what Ochune has done for me. I owe her for life, will always be in debt.
May she keep sharing her light with everyone in need as i am sure she has ocean of it.


My experience with Ochune has been nothing less than magical. She made me feel comfortable, warm and secure. I felt free to express my pains and be myself. She understood my pain and felt it too. By understanding my circumstances, my actions and my experiences in life so far, she helped me root out all deep-rooted pain from inside me and helped me realise that which had remained for far too long. By making me realise not to be harsh or judgmental of myself, I started to be gentle on myself and have started taking care of my health and my thoughts. Her words have given me strength and power to move forward. This has been my first ever experience with healing and it felt wonderful. I felt all the dark burden lift off. I felt light, loved and confident. It has been very freeing at the same time. I gained a lot of joy out of the release of all negative energy that was bringing my health down. After the healing session, my body aches ceased. I felt like a revived person. Thank you so much!!!


What started out as a skeptical left brain curiosity ended being a powerful right brain fulfillment. My brief interaction with Ochune helped reduce self-criticality and underconfidence. I was impressed by her thorough professionalism and calmness handling complexities with great thought clarity


I recently did R-Factoring with Ochune. It’s an amazing course with quick results. It’s magical! I understand myself better, I can let go of situations that would torment me for days and am a happier person. I highly recommend it for everyone. Ochune is a very good teacher, she guides and understands the emotions that you have had enough of and fills it all with light and love.